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How To Resolve The Printhead Failure On HP Printer?

While using the HP print you suddenly encounter an error which says Printhead failure. In this situation, you have two options the first replace the printhead with a new one or try to troubleshoot the error. If, after installing a new printhead a missing or failed printhead error message displays on printer screen and the stop your printer to print. Then there is an unlatched or inappropriately seated printhead causing this error to your printer.

However, HP printers are the wielding uses machine to accomplish the great number of a task at once. But when it gets into any error it can be sheer bad and frustrating at the same time. Pursue the mentioned steps to fix the printhead error from your HP printer.

Rest the printer:

  • Switch off your printer and then turn it on.
  • Wait until the printer is idle and silent before you proceed.
  • After the printer is turned on, remove the power cord port of the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the socket outlet.
  • Hold for a moment and then plug the power cable back.
  • Turn on your printer, if it doesn’t turn on automatically.
  • If this solution resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
  • If the issue persists, continue to the next solution.

Reset the printhead:

  • Remove the cartridge of the printer, carefully remove it.
  • Take out the power source from the printer. Make sure you have been removed the power code prior you reaching inside the printhead.
  • Pull the carriage latch, grasp the sides of the printhead and then slightly move upward, without removing it from the carriage.

Reseat the printhead and then lower the carriage latch:

  • Lift the printhead into the carriage to reseat it.
  • Kindly rock the printhead to the left and right to ensure the printhead is completely seated in the place.
  • Pull down the latch.
  • Close the ink toner access door.
  • Plug the one side of the cord to the printer and another to the power outlet.
  • Turn on your printer and wait until it completely finishes its setup process.

Hope this will resolve your issue, if it still persists you can contact the technicians on the HP Printer Repair Service Center Canada +1-844-856-1333 and get the assure solution from our adept and cultured executives. Once you reach us, you have no longer relationship with any snag in your printer machine.

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